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Hi there. I am...

One could say that I've always been 1 letter away from being NormaL.

As a designer with 4 years of experience in the mobile gaming industry, my strengths are conscientious problem solving, interdisciplinary communication, optimizing interactions for retention, and effectively addressing front-end points of friction. These days, I often find myself taking the engagement learnings from gaming and applying them in other areas. 

I enjoy visual design and improving accessibility, especially in pursuit of user joy and utility.  To me, good design preserves the dignity of its users through kindness and compassion. And if you don't think design to be kind, I'd love to prove you wrong (maybe even in rhyme).

I am currently based in San Diego County and while I prefer hybrid and remote work, relocation is possible for the right project.





~Ba dum tss~

My Story thus far:

(2011) Kaiser Permanente Summer Youth Intern. 
(2013) UCSC Stem Cell Research Lab Assistant.
(2014) UCSC Molecular Biology major who switched to
Computer Science with a focus in Game Development.
(2016) Dining Hall Food Service Worker. 

(2016) Mobile Game (iOS) Bootcamp Student.
(2017) Game Developers' Conference staff.

(2018) Associate Mobile Game Designer.
(2019) Mid-Level Mobile Game Designer.
(2022) Caught in mass layoffs & felt lost in life. 
(2023) Swim Instructor now pivoting into mission-driven HealthTech or EdTech work as a UX Designer, all while making a lifelong impact on people aged 3 months to adult in my day to day swim lessons.

What a journey, huh?

I am a kind-hearted & conscientious person compelled to use my strong sense of empathy & people-first design thinking to effectively tend to front-end points of friction.


Like with my swim instructor approach, in my design process, I note what constraints or accommodations I have to work with and adapt the experience to preserve the dignity of those I help with my day to day efforts.


Every designer at the Jam City 2018 holiday party in one photo booth attempt

My associate designer self with
Lead Game Designer, Jeff Junio

My Volunteer Activities

My Hobbies

Plant Care

I have 15 houseplants.
It brin
gs me great joy to see that my nurturing efforts are paying off as my plants grow and thrive. When plants die or visually complain, I have come to accept that some plants are not for me and that's okay.
It is immensely satisfying to help my plants realize their potential as I get to know them.


Conference Associate - GDC 2017, 2018
Worked with a team of ~400 Conference Associates.

I provided a positive experience for a week-long, professional convention of 28,000+ attendees by answering questions, ushering talks, attending to speakers' and panelists' needs, assisting guests
with game demos, and securing event entrances. 



I enjoy swimming laps at my local LA Fitness gym several times a week. While I am able to swim all 4 strokes, I like to swim Backstroke & Butterfly the most. I do not have competitive swimming experience. I just swim for the love of it. The water is where I feel the most capable, grounded, and comfortable. 

Cultural Consultant for Shadowrun: Hong Kong by Hairbrained Schemes.  

I was asked for my insight on Cantonese phrases, idioms, and references to ensure that there weren't any cultural or language issues with their Hong Kong references in the game.  I caught some inaccuracies that led to actual changes, and I'm honored to have contributed to the representation efforts in this amazing indie game.

My name is listed in the game credits, among other cultural consultants.


Public Speaking

Anime & Manga

These mediums of entertainment are always pushing the boundaries of animation and graphic novels.
I love when amazing stories and great characters come to life, despite limited episode-space or chapter allocation.

Duct Tape & Perler Bead Crafts

Fun fact: I duct-taped my old assignments together and went to prom in a tuxedo-dress that I designed.
It cost me about $50 of material and way too many hours spent on this endeavor.

San Diego Comic-Con 2022

I was invited to join a powerhouse lineup of game industry professionals for SDCC 2022's iteration of the “Career Paths into Video Games” panel, discussing our lived experiences and giving back with dedicated time for audience Q&A.


Representation & Virtual Speaking

Jam City has asked me for quotes and featured me on their official Linkedin page during AAPI Heritage month & Women's History month.

At the peak of 2020 WFH quaran-times, I gave a Zoom Call talk for those in the GDC (Game Developer's Conference) Conference Associate Community trying to break into the games industry. 


My Favorite Quotes

"When something is too hard...
There is always another way"

- Finding Dory (2016)

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