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My Story thus far:

Portfolio Website Under Construction!

(2011) Kaiser Permanente Summer Youth Intern. 
(2013) UCSC Stem Cell Research Lab Assistant.
(2014) UCSC Molecular Biology major who switched to
Computer Science with a focus in Game Development.
(2016) Dining Hall Food Service Worker. 

(2016) Mobile Game (iOS) Bootcamp Student.
(2017) Game Developers' Conference staff.

(2018) Associate Mobile Game Designer.
(2019) Mid-Level Mobile Game Designer.
(2022) Caught in mass layoffs & felt lost in life. 
(2023) Swim Instructor now pivoting into HealthTech as an Interaction Designer while making a lifelong impact on people aged 3 months to adult in my swim lessons.

What a journey, huh?

I am a kind-hearted & conscientious person compelled to use my strong sense of empathy & people-first design thinking to effectively tend to front-end points of friction.


Like with my design process, I note what constraints or accommodations I have to work with and adapt the experience to preserve the dignity of those I help with my day to day efforts.

Without further ado, here are my top 3 projects representing what I can learn & do as an Interaction Designer:


Every designer at the Jam City 2018 holiday party in one photo booth attempt

My associate designer self with
Lead Game Designer, Jeff Junio

SaaS Portal Design @


Mobile Game Interaction Design @



[PC] Multiplayer battle game made in Unreal Engine 4. I was lead designer & producer on this 10 person team.



[PC - Web Game] Dog shelter task management game where I led a team of 4 people, and designed the 3 levels.

Nice ICEscape

Nice ICEscape

[Mobile - Android] Tile puzzle game where you must crack every tile to move on. I designed all 6 levels.

Magical Typika

Magical Typika

Mobile typing game for iOS, shipped to the App Store. I designed this game to quickly determine users' mobile WPM scores by incorporating aspects of Dance Dance Revolution & role-playing games into a typing game.



[Mobile - iOS] Fast paced mental math game where you swipe multiples of a number. Pair programmed with my friend Carlos Diez in Make School Summer Academy's 1-week game jam!



[Web Game] AnTwinette: Girlfriend Simulator. A branching narrative I scripted with Twine to challenge the player to respectfully get AnTwinette's phone number. Or not. There are multiple endings that can go hilariously wrong or sweetly right.

Game Design & Development @ Personal

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