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Studio Experience


Every designer at the Jam City 2018 holiday party in one photo booth attempt

I am an interaction designer who has spent the past
4 years working alongside amazing people to deliver fun user experiences and reduce friction points as much as possible. My natural sense of empathy and compassion helps me advocate for the dignity of users across teams.
I highly value accessibility and representation in media.

My associate designer self with
Lead Game Designer, Jeff Junio



[PC] Multiplayer battle game made in Unreal Engine 4. I was lead designer & producer on this 10 person team.



[PC - Web Game] Dog shelter task management game where I led a team of 4 people, and designed the 3 levels.

Nice ICEscape

Nice ICEscape

[Mobile - Android] Tile puzzle game where you must crack every tile to move on. I designed all 6 levels.

Magical Typika

Magical Typika

Mobile typing game for iOS, shipped to the App Store. I designed this game to quickly determine users' mobile WPM scores by incorporating aspects of Dance Dance Revolution & role-playing games into a typing game.



[Mobile - iOS] Fast paced mental math game where you swipe multiples of a number. Pair programmed with my friend Carlos Diez in Make School Summer Academy's 1-week game jam!



[Web Game] AnTwinette: Girlfriend Simulator. A branching narrative I scripted with Twine to challenge the player to respectfully get AnTwinette's phone number. Or not. There are multiple endings that can go hilariously wrong or sweetly right.

   Personal Projects

San Diego Comic-Con 2022

Invited to join a powerhouse lineup of game industry professionals for SDCC 2022's iteration of the “Career Paths into Video Games” panel, discussing our lived experiences and giving back with dedicated time for audience Q&A.


Representation & Virtual Speaking

Jam City has asked me for quotes and featured me on their official Linkedin page during AAPI Heritage month & Women's History month.

At the peak of 2020 WFH quaran-times, I gave a Zoom Call talk for those in the GDC
(Game Developer's Conference) Conference Associate Community trying to break in. 


Honors & Achievements


I was awarded an Amazon gift card worth $25 and the glorious honor of having this unnecessarily large trophy on my desk for the week. It was proudly displayed there until it was time for me to hand it over to the next Jam Citizen of the Week at the Jam City - Carlsbad office
all-hands meeting. 

I had to put it next to my business Charmander, of course. As you can see, he has a really nice tie and means business. Like me when I'm driven to achieve something. 

This was awarded to me for completing my assigned deliverables and helping the design team by taking on additional tasks when more folks than expected happened to all be taking PTO at the same time that week for Coachella. 


"Most Guts!"


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