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July 2016 - August 2016 (8 weeks)

Development Timeframe

Platform & Tools

Swift with SpriteKit framework


Concepts 2D Art

BannedStory Maplestory sprites

More Magical Typika details coming soon!
But in the meantime, here's the gist of things:

Solo Personal Project

Magical Typika won Instructor's Choice for Best Game!

A summer program where I learned Swift in 8 weeks and went on to make & ship my first mobile game, Magical Typika!

Click the orange banner to see the curriculum involved.

Polished & released game

Minimum Viable Product

Upbeat Dance Dance Revolution Dynamic + Falling Text + Typing RPG game = Magical Typika

Starts off with easy words, then gets longer at the boss battle!  You get your Mobile WPM score regardless of if you win or lose, so there's no score-decrementing pressure like with standard typing games.

Magical Typika is a "Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) meets mobile typing" game where you play as a magical girl with a keyboard staff that launches words at monsters.  Common English words rain down "DDR" style and you type words of your choosing without any of the penalties in computer typing tests.  After a quick session of fighting with the power of words, you get your mobile Words Per Minute (WPM) score, which tells you how fast your texting speed is.  The average texter can score 30 WPM, but a really fast texter can score close to 60 WPM.

This was my first mobile game, and is currently live on the App store.  I learned how to code in Swift for the first time and learned the development skills needed to make finish this project by cloning existing mobile games like Flappy Bird and Angry Birds.

Project Description

  • Needed to design user interface keeping in mind that half the user's screen is occupied by the keyboard for typing

  • Needed to design a quick & easy tutorial

  • Needed gameplay that can be showcased at a booth in a quick session

  • Needed to design a positive feedback loop that retains player interest

  • Needed to design around the technical limitations of Xcode/Swift

  • Needed to tune the speed of gameplay to accommodate a wider range of users' typing speed

Design Challenges

Lots of neat things. Including ugly cry at my console's error messages.

What I did

Make School Summer Academy's Games Track 2016

Live Demo of Magical Typika at MakeSchool's Demo Day

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